Accurate & Timely NAV Production

We are committed to our clients to provide timely, accurate and most importantly,  independent NAV reporting. We have built processes and controls to ensure we focus on independent and accurate valuations of a fund’s NAV.

We build into our calculations a number of components, including transaction details, cash and broker/custodian reconciliations, position appraisal and matching, corporate actions processing and calculation of management and performance fees.

Utilising Geneva® portfolio and fund accounting platform, we are able to produce accurate NAVs and automate many data input processes so as to avoid manual entry errors. Controlled exception reporting and review by experienced professionals allows us to ensure the quality and accuracy of the NAV.

Key elements of our NAV production include the following:

  • Independent position pricing;
  • Cash and positions reconciliations;
  • Exception reports;
  • Subscription and redemption checklists; and
  • Peer review and final high level QA review of NAV calculation, with focus on key risk areas.

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