Experienced & Dedicated Professionals

Quite unique to our industry, we prefer that our fund accounting staff are either Chartered Accountants, Certified Practising Accountants or undertaking studies in either.

We have a diverse culture and experience set. Our people have backgrounds that include manager-side fund operations, external fund administration, superannuation, banking and private equity.

We expect our most junior staff to understand the full cycle and spectrum of fund accounting and administration; from processing (settling) the trade through to seeing it reflect in the portfolio and then pricing the NAV and issuing market value statements reflecting that NAV back to unitholders. Our staff don’t just tick boxes and review orange pricing flags, they understand the drivers and their impact on the fund. It is precisely this that sets us apart from our competitors.

We employ thinkers who challenge the status quo. Senior management work very hard to provide a culture and environment in which dedication to the task is second to none . Our staff go beyond the call when required. We are capable of thought outside the box and can tackle complex fund accounting issues across multiple asset classes in multiple jurisdictions and tax environments.


Uncompromised Excellence | Experienced & Dedicated Professionals | Accurate & Timely NAV Production | Robust Systems and Control Environment