Robust Systems and Control Environment

Unity Fund Services currently adopts the procedures of global controls standards (GS007) and is audited by Deloitte. This provides customers with comfort that our staff adhere to processes which are required of a world-class fund administrator.

Robust system checks (Geneva® is audited to SAS70 – equivalent of GS007) and manual checklists are routinely prepared as part of our review process to ensure the accuracy of NAVs.

Unity Fund Services utilises a fully hosted, maintained and secure data centre partner in the United States, Generic Network Systems (“GNS”). GNS is a strategic alliance partner of Advent® and was selected because of its deep understanding of the Geneva® platform and its capacity to fully support the application.

GNS provides Unity Fund Services with a complete turn-key disaster recovery protection, with synchronised copies of data being stored at remote locations to facilitate quick up-time in the event of a disaster. Unity Fund Services has robust SLAs in place with GNS to ensure uptime reliability and platform scalability.

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