Uncompromised Excellence

  • Boutique service offering – one of the key elements of our business and one that we are extremely proud of, is our ability to onboard and support our clients. As a boutique service provider, we are very attuned to servicing our customers and go out of our way to ensure our clients receive accurate and timely information.
  • On-boarding – we are unique to the industry in that we place 2 senior fund staff on each new client to facilitate a smooth transition or take-on. This then provides continuity and in-depth knowledge of the fund.
  • Substantial investment in systems and people with experience – somewhat unique to the industry, we are focussed on service delivery and understand that without experienced and capable staff, systems are worthless. We have taken the approach of significantly investing in both areas and this is one of the key reasons we are winning work from our competitors.
  • Deep understanding of complex financial instruments and their presentation on financial statements. We are involved with clients across fixed income, property, long only, hedge funds, fund of hedge funds and litigation trusts.
  • Our staff have experience in:
    • the setup and launch of funds including tax structures, swap arrangements and drafting of offering documentation including PDSs and information memoranda;
    • the preparation of statutory financial statements and annual reports;
    • the preparation of pro forma financials for various capital raisings including drafting of relevant sections of offering documents; and
    • world-class accounting portfolio systems ie. Geneva®.

Uncompromised Excellence | Experienced & Dedicated Professionals | Accurate & Timely NAV Production | Robust Systems and Control Environment