Fund Accounting & Portfolio Software

Key features of the platform include:

  • Full sub-ledger and GL, capture of total transaction history including reversals;
  • Standard integration to counterparties (prime brokers and custodians) and industry-leading data providers (eg Reuters® Datascope Select  – Unity Fund Services’s preferred data provider);
  • Accurate NAV calculation including performance fee considerations such as high watermarks and accrual adjustments;
  • Comprehensive support for all investment products, strategies and instruments;
  • Multicurrency platform capability for all global instruments and transaction types, including complex derivatives such as bank debt and swaps;
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards and reporting functionality for exposure, real-time P&L and performance;
  • Real-time data and “as-of” reporting functionality to ensure accurate information at any point in time, based on information as it was then known;
  • Simplified cash, position, and transaction reconciliation with Geneva Advantage®; and
  • Middle office functionality including trade capture and trade lifecycle management.

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